Token Benefits

What are the benefits?

For individuals:

  • There are many reforestation websites on the internet.
    However, most of them are donation-based and have no transparent financial data. With 10XRecovery, every individual makes sure that for each token burned, one tonne of CO2 has been taken out of the atmosphere before. Furthermore, individuals can trace the toke from issuance, transactions to burning to make sure that no illegitimate party is enriching itself.

For companies:

  • These days, customers care about the environmental impact that has driven the creation of the products and services.
    Customers are willing to pay a premium for green labels and further it has a positive impact on the brand image.

For forestry:

  • Nowadays, forestry is mainly driven by timber production.
    With 10XRecovery, forest owners can invest in trees for the sole purpose of CO2 reduction and increase their profits.

For governments:

  • 10XRecovery doesn’t want to and doesn’t have the right to enforce obligatory CO2 compensation upon the people.
    Still, governments could enforce the trading and burning of these token to fulfill their political agenda like for example the Paris Agreement. An adaption of an already working solution would be easier for Politicians to accomplish and a cheaper solution for companies within the economy.