Our Roadmap

In Phase 1 we have to program a wallet software that stores and transacts the CO2 tokens. At the same time, we have to create an honest estimation of how much money we need for funding and search for sponsors.

In Phase 2 we have to find early adopters (forest owners) who are willing to support our idea in exchange for the tokens. We then have to develop a procedure for how we verify the carbon dioxide bindings either by drone or by satellite technology.

In Phase 3 we have to program an exchange where forest owners can sell their CO2 tokens to establish a market.

In Phase 4 we have to find companies and individuals who buy and burn the tokens.

In Phase 5 we have to create customer awareness so that they buy products with a “10X Recovery” badge on them.

In Phase 6 we will include different technologies for carbon removal and add other greenhouse gas tokens to our services.